March Quarter FY24 Investor Update  
    A New 400kozpa Australian Gold Producer  
    Corporate Presentation - Swiss Mining Institute  
    Financial Results Presentation - H1, FY24  
    BMO Global Metals and Mining Presentation  
    RIU Explorers Conference Presentation  
    2023 Annual General Meeting Presentation  
    September Quarter FY24 Investor Update  
    2023 Precious Metals Summit Presentation  
    Presentation - Australian Gold Conference  
    Presentation - FY23 Full Year Results  
    2023 Diggers and Dealers Presentation  
    July Corporate Update  
    June Corporate Update  
    Takeover Offer Presentation for Musgrave Minerals  

Takeover Offer webcast

    CG Global Metals & Mining Conference Presentation  
    March Quarter FY23 Investor Update  
    April Corporate Update  
    February Corporate Update  
    Presentation - September Quarterly Overview  
    WGX Corporate Update  
    Presentation - FY22 Financial Results and FY23 Guidance  
    Presentation - Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum  
    Presentation - June Quarterly Overview  
    Corporate Presentation  
    March Quarterly - Investor Update  
    WGX Equity Raise Presentation (ASX)  
    Half Year Results Presentation  
    Westgold Corporate Presentation 2022  
    December Quarterly - Investor Update  
    2021 AGM Presentation  
    September Quarterly - Investor Update Presentation  
    Denver Gold Presentation 2021